LINX Device

Demonstrated efficacy with a favorable safety profile.15

LINX® is a revolutionary treatment for reflux disease. It’s simply designed to restore your Reflux Barrier.16 It’s a small device with big results. LINX® is a commitment to pursue a reflux-free life- appropriate it’s in the shape of a ring.

Durable Reduction in PPI Usage. 6

Durable Reduction in PPI Usage.6

85% of patients were off daily reflux medication 5-years after treatment with LINX®. Farewell to the pharmacy.

Durable Resolution of Bothersome Heartburn 7

Durable Resolution of Bothersome Heartburn.7

88% of LINX® patients reported that bothersome heartburn had been eliminated 5-years after treatment with LINX®. Make heartburn history.

Durable Resolution of Regurgitation. 8

Durable Resolution of Regurgitation.8

99% of patients eliminated regurgitation 5-years after treatment with LINX®. Now that's a one-way route to a better life.

Decreased Gas and Bloating. 9

Decreased Gas and Bloating.9

Patients experienced a sustained decrease in symptoms of gas and bloating at 5-years.

Improved quality of life 10

Improved quality of life.10

Patients reported significant improvement in quality of life after surgical treatment with LINX®.

Indications, Safety and Warnings