Demon with lightning inside stomach

Contain the beast that lives inside you.

Reflux symptoms are completely gone.

Wayne was done with the burning sensation controlling his life. He wanted to be back in control. LINX provided him the freedom he wanted. After the simple LINX procedure, Wayne now enjoys restful nights and pill-free days, and his quality of life has improved dramatically. And that burning sensation is history.

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For reflux relief, take zero pills.

As a pharmacist, Jodie knew she couldn’t continue taking medication her entire life. Her doctor presented other methods of reflux relief, but she decided LINX was her best option. And she was right.

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Temporary solutions are for temporary problems.

Years of battling reflux finally pushed Ron to uncover a new solution. He was done suffering from painful symptoms despite taking daily medication. LINX changed Ron’s life in a variety of ways, and he considers himself a new person after his procedure.

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It only gets worse.

Meet Tricia. An avid outdoor enthusiast and OR nurse who slowed down due to her fight with reflux. Tricia understood the complications of reflux and wanted to do something about it before it got worse. After the LINX procedure, she quickly was back enjoying the great outdoors.

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A lifetime of medication?
No thank you.

Bailey knew there was a better solution for her than a lifetime of medication. She didn’t give up and didn’t settle for a temporary fix. After the LINX procedure, Bailey's quality of life is significantly better, and she now enjoys doing the things she loves.

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