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    Amory Surgery Clinic
    • Hoat M. Hoang, MD
    • Kirk Caddell, MD
    1127 Earl Frye Blvd
    Suite B
    Amory, MS 38821
    • 662-256-3333
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    Lakeland Surgical Clinic
    • Timothy Abston, M.D.
    • J. Kevin Chandler, M.D.
    • Steven Patterson, M.D.
    • Patrick Scanlon Jr., M.D.
    • Richard Yelverton Jr., M.D.
    • Jonathan Adkins, M.D.
    971 Lakeland Dr
    Suite 1460
    Jackson, MS 39216
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    Surgery Associates, P.A.
    • David H. Gilliland, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    440 Pegram Dr
    Tupelo, MS 38801
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    Surgery Clinic of Tupelo, P.A.
    • Robert T. McAuley, M.D. F.A.C.S.
    4381 S Eason Blvd
    Suite 202
    Tupelo, MS 38801
    Get Directions (41.4 miles)
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    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    • Pierre E. de Delva, M.D.
    2500 N State St
    Jackson, MS 39216
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